5 Tips to Start Astronomy as a Hobby

Galaxy image from a telescope

Astronomy is a fascinating pastime. You learn a lot about the Moon, Planets, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe. You get a feeling of our position in the grand scheme of things, and it can also be a highly sociable activity when done with friends and coworkers. If you want to take it a step further, competent amateur astronomers may assist pros.

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So, you’re intrigued. What do you do?

Here are my top tips for avoiding any pitfalls.

  1. I’ll simply get a telescope.
    Do not make any purchases just yet! It may seem to be a smart idea to purchase the telescope in the Camera Shop window, but hold on to your money for a little longer – you’ll be able to spend it more wisely and with a little more background information.
  2. Okay, horrible idea – what now?
    Participate in a club. There are several clubs with very helpful members of all ages. They’ve already purchased binoculars and telescopes. They’re a kind group who will let you use them and explain the various varieties. You may then decide what is best for you. Members of the club will also teach you how to utilize any equipment you have and will assist you in getting the most out of it. Over a cup of hot tea, they’ll take you around the night sky and tell you about their favorite sights. Perfect!
  1. I like that notion; is there anything else?
    Purchase an Astronomy magazine. Monthly astronomy publications are available at good newsagents and bookstores. They are packed with information and will show you what to look for in the sky, what to utilize, and how much it will cost. They all do frequent evaluations of astronomy equipment and will tell you which is the best value.
  2. Can I receive further information from other amateurs?
    Sure! Join the Irish Astronomy forums – it’s free, and we have contributors from all around the country. Many amateur astronomers visit www.irishastronomy.org. There are lots of helpful people there who will answer all of your questions and assist you in making purchasing selections – all within a few hours of submitting your query. They may also assist you in finding a group, organizing observation sessions, and even organizing solar eclipse tours!
  3. Is there anything else you’d recommend?
    Once you’ve gotten into astronomy, you can find yourself attending Astronomy events to hear international lecturers, assisting pros, and particularly assisting new novices who were once just like you. It’s a really gratifying pastime. I would suggest it to people of all ages.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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