Stargazing Webcam (DIY Telescope Camera Guide)

Stargazing Webcam

A “How to” guide for Stargazing Webcam.

Use this as a reference for other cameras since I’m only acquainted with the Quick Cam Pro 4000. This should work for any Webcam that’s now available, but I’m just comfortable with that one.

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You have decided that you would want to shoot some astronomy photos using your webcam, but you are unclear on how to go about doing so. Here is a simple and inexpensive tutorial that will show you how to convert your camera into an EyepieceCam. (And yes, I intend to file a trademark application for that name!)

A drill, Dremel, and a tap suitable for the size of screws you want to use are the necessary tools.

Going to your neighborhood hardware shops, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, should be the first order of business. Get a copper coupling that is one inch in diameter or any piece of tubing that has an outer diameter of one and a quarter inches, a box of hard plastic tips that are one and a quarter inches in diameter for the bottom of metal chairs, and two tiny screws. (I used two brass screws with a size of #40.) Also, gather any tools that you do not already have.

The next step, presuming that you already have a camera, is to reduce it to its most fundamental components. Remove the camera’s protective housing entirely so that it appears as seen above.

The next step in the process is to actually construct the eyepiece of the camera.

  • Step 1: Place one of the plastic chair tips onto the copper tubing.
  • Step 2: Obtain a drill and make two tiny holes right beneath the beveled edge of the plastic tip. For this step, I used a drill bit with a diameter of 1/32 inches.
  • Step 3: Once you have the appropriate size tap for the screws you have, and tap the holes in the piece of furniture. Because the drill bit I was using was too tiny to allow the screws to pass through, I had no choice but to tap straight through the plastic. Install the cap by screwing it on, and then trim the plastic cap so that it comes as near as possible to the holes, as seen in the preceding picture:
  • Step 4: Have a look at the camera, and you should see a cylinder-shaped object dangling from it much like the one in the photo. For it to be able to pass through the plastic cap, you will need to drill a hole in the center of it. (What I did was drill the hole smaller, and then I used my Dremel to make it exactly the right size so that it would fit snugly.)
  • After completing Step 5, which involves inserting the camera into the drilled hole, you should now have an EyepieceCam.

Connect it to your notebook or desktop computer, then position the EyepieceCam in the focuser and have a peek at what you see. Finding things and focusing on first requires some practice, but after some time it will seem completely natural to you.

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