Sagittarius Constellation: the Archer

Constellation Sagittarius represents the archer seeking to revenge the killing of Orion the constellation of the hunter, by the enormous scorpion Scorpius.

The archer’s arrow, Sagitta points towards the star Antares which depicts the heart of the scorpion, As Sagittarius pursues the scorpion across the southern sky.

The Sagittarius constellation is flanked by Ophiuchus to the west and on the east by Capricornus The Seagoat.

Sagittarius Constellation: Sky Gazing The Archer

Right Ascension: 19 hours

Declination: -25 degrees

Visible between latitudes 55 and -90 degrees

Best seen in August (at 9:00 PM)

Named Stars:

Rukbat (Alpha Sgr) Arkab Prior (Beta 1 Sgr) Arkab Posterior (Beta 2 Sgr) Nash (Gamma 2 Sgr) Kaus Meridionalis (Delta Sgr) KAUS AUSTRALIS (Epsilon Sgr) Ascella (Zeta Sgr) Kaus Borealis (Lambda Sgr) Ain al Rami (Nu 1 Sgr) Albaldah (Pi Sgr) NUNKI (Sigma Sgr) Terebellum (Omega Sgr) Terebellum (59 Sgr) Terebellum (60 Sgr) Terebellum (62 Sgr)

Nebulae such as the following can be seen in the constellation Sagittarius:

M8 is the Lagoon nebula, M17 is the Horsehead nebula (also known as the Omega or Swan nebula), and M20 is the Triffid nebula. All three are designated by the numbers M8–M20.

Sagittarius is the constellation that most closely represents the galactic core. Therefore, get the binoculars ready.

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