Order of Planets in the Solar System

Order of Planets in the Solar SystemThe following is the order of the planets, from the one that is closest to the sun to the one that is farthest from the sun:

Mercury Mars Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

The w ord “planet” originated in Greek and originally meant “wanderer.”

These five wanderers, along with the moon, appeared to ancient astronomers who did not possess telescopes to view the night sky as being in different locations all the time. Ancient astronomers had not yet discovered Uranus and Neptune. The rest of the stars in the sky remained in the same places where they had always been. The names of the planets derive from ancient Roman deities, with some Greek inspiration.

Mercury(Hermes):fleet footed messenger of the gods.

Venus(Aphrodite):goddess of beauty.

Mars(Ares):fiery red god of war.

Jupiter(zeus):king of the gods.

Saturn(Kronus):father of Jupiter.

Uranus(Ouranos):father of Saturn.

Neptune(Poseidon):god of the sea.

Uranus and Neptune were not found until astronomers invented the telescope, which was not until much later.

If you want to see them for yourself, you will need a powerful telescope or a good pair of binoculars at the very least. along with a number of other objects from the depths of the sky, such as the defunct planet Pluto.

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In contrast to stars, which are miniature suns, planets do not generate their own light; instead, they merely reflect the light of the sun, much like the moon does.

The four smaller inner planets have rocky surfaces and land, just like Earth does. They are analogous to our home planet. On the other hand, the gas giants don’t have any solid surfaces that they can stand on.

In addition, there are hundreds of planets in the solar systems of other stars. Planets outside of our solar system are referred to by this term. There are 373 in existence right now.

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