Astrophotography of the Moon

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.Astrophotography of the MoonThis is just a brief post to share the process and results of my Moon imaging last Saturday night. I had planned to picture M31 after the Moon had set after midnight, but I opted to postpone it for another night and focus on the Moon instead. You may also like: Best […]

Astronomy Observing: How to Get Start Astronomy?


Don’t worry, I understand why you’re here. You want to understand all there is to know about astronomy, right? Then you’ve come to the correct place! In this portion of the website, I’ll suggest a few things to look out for when getting started with Astronomy Observing. Read this article as this might be helpful: […]

Venus The Planet: The Morning Star and Evening Star


Venus The name “morning star” and “evening star” are terms that are frequently used to refer to the planet of clouds. This is due to the fact that Venus may often be seen either immediately before sunrise or immediately after dusk.After the moon, Venus is the object in the night sky that shines the brightest, […]

Viewing Moons of the Solar System: from Your Backyard

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The moons of the solar system number in the countless millions. The planets Jupiter and Saturn each have at least sixty moons, which are also referred to as “natural satellites.” Moons are orbiting six of the eight planets in the solar system. Only Mars and Earth have moons; Mercury and Venus are moonless planets. Mars […]

Eight Monthly Moon Phases: Best Introduction

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Eight Monthly Moon Phases Best Introduction As the moon revolves Earth and Earth orbits the Sun, reflected sunlight causes the moon to go through a series of phases that we refer to as the monthly or Eight Monthly moon lunar phases of the moon. The Moon does not produce any of its own light; rather, […]

Farmer’s Almanac List of Full Moon Names

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Names of the Full Moon and the Meanings Behind Them The Native Americans who lived in what is now the northern and eastern United States are responsible for giving the full moon its names. The tribes were able to keep track of the seasons by assigning unique names to each of the moons that reached […]

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