How to Observe the Sun Safely? Top Tips to Observe

I’d best get this out of the way first—I’m sorry I have to say this (I know you’re all smarter than this, but there are some foolish idiots out there)—PLEASE don’t gaze at the sun without a filter if you ever want to see again. It will kill your retina quicker than you can blink and yell “ARGH it burns!”. Here are a few amazing tips on how to observe the Sun safely.

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Anyway, if you want to see the sun safely, you’ll need a filter. Most solar filters filter out 99.999% of the light, reducing brightness by 100,000 times. Solar filters are classified into two types: solar film filters and glass filters. If you place them above the objective lens, they are perfectly safe. But I must warn you: NEVER put a sun filter on the eyepiece. Have you ever burned anything with a magnifying lens on a hot day? If your filter is near the eyepiece, it will burn a hole in the film and blind you, and glass filters have been known to burst at such extreme heat! Also, don’t chance to attempt anything else, especially anything handmade, just to save a few pounds on a good, safe filter.

However, good solar film or a suitable glass sun filter put at the aim should be perfectly safe. It’s no warmer than the sun on your face at target. I can’t comment on glass ones since I’ve never used them, but they are more costly than Solar Film. We’ll see if it is. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll see. we’ll have more. We’ll have more. Here are some guidelines from BAADER, the company that creates safety films: BAADER Astrosolar Film, or you may purchase them ready-made, such as this one from Agena Astro.

Because I’m lazy, I purchased a pre-made cell for my telescope. It works well, but I must admit that with my Meade ETX 70, it is a little shaky since the telescope has a little tapered end, so the filter doesn’t want to stay on- which is obviously problematic because if it gets bumped when I’m looking through it… well, you know what I mean. So, before purchasing one of these, examine your telescope to see whether it has a tapered end.

Please keep in mind that solar viewing is never risk-free. A good filter makes it less harmful, but it still poses significant hazards. So, while watching the sun, always proceed with caution. If your solar film looks to have any holes or scratches, it is advisable to replace it rather than risk it.

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