How to Make a Telescope at Home? (DIY Guide)

How to make a telescope at home, Do you want to purchase a telescope but most prices are out of your price range? Maybe you wish to get one for your kids as a present to show them the wonders of our cosmos…

How to make a telescope – don’t have the budget? Build your own!

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Do you have an interest in astronomy but lack the funds to purchase a high-quality telescope? Few people realize that you can construct your own telescope, but with a little elbow grease and a few ordinary materials and equipment, you can easily manufacture a telescope.

We’ll teach you how to build a Galileo-style refractor telescope from scratch in this article:

Galileo Style Refractor Telescope

Galileo Galilei discovered Jupiter’s moons and discovered that the earth circled around the sun rather than the other way around using astronomy. Galileo employed basic telescopes with glass lenses to perform these astounding feats, and although they were cutting-edge technology at the time, the devices are simple enough that any amateur astronomer may readily create them using frequently obtainable components.

How to make telescope at home

Time to build

about 2 hours





Tools needed

  • Scissors
  • Hot-Glue Gun
  • Handsaw
  • Drill
  • Measuring Tape

Materials Required

  • 50 mm double concave lens, 150 mm focal length
  • 50 mm double convex lens, 1000 mm focal length
  • PVC pipe, 5-foot length, 2-inch inner diameter
  • PVC external end cap for 2-inch-diameter pipe
  • Paper towel or toilet paper tube


  • The first step is to remove the focal length of the concave lens (the one that bends inward) from the focal length of the convex lens ( the one that curves outward). This allows you to determine the distance between the lenses in order to utilize them. We estimated 33.5 inches; you may do the same and cut the PVC pipe to that length.
  • Drill a big hole in the center of the PVC end cap, then center and attach the concave lens to the inside surface of the end cap using the hot glue gun. Connect the PVC pipe to the cap.
  • Now glue the convex lens to the interior of the paper towel tube and insert it into the open end of the PVC pipe opposite where you put the lens cap.
  • Peer through the cap’s hole at a target you can’t see from a distance of several feet away, such as a sign or text on a wall. If the focus is off, correct the lens and glue it back in place.
  • If you want your telescope to seem great, you should embellish it; with a new coat of spray paint, no one will be able to tell it’s a handmade telescope.

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