Constellation Pisces – the Celestial Seafood

pisces lines

The constellation Pisces is depicted as two fish that appear to be swimming away from each other in a crooked “V” form, but are actually tied to each other at the tail by a string. Aphrodite, also known as Venus, and her son Eros, also known as Cupid, are said to have transformed into fish […]

Libra Constellation: The Scales Of Justice

libra stars

Libra constellation of the Zodiac and is located in the Souther celestial hemisphere. Its name is Latin for Weighing scales. It is fairly faint, with no first magnitudestars and lies between Virgo to the west and Scorpios to the east. also known as Zubeneschamali, is the brightest star in the constellation. Three star systems are […]

Gemini Constellations: Twins Castor And Pollux One A God One A Mortal

gemini stars

Gemini Constellations According to Greek mythology, the mother of the Gemini constellation was named Leda. Zeus,was the Roman equivalent of Jupiter, conceived Pollux by seducing Leda while in the guise of a swan. After that, Pollux had immortality as his father.Castor, on the other hand, belonged to the mortal realm. His biological father was Tyndareus, […]

Scorpio Constellation: The Killer of Orion and Where to Find It

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Scorpio Constellation is meant to be interpreted as a representation of the enormous scorpion Scorpius, who is said to have been responsible for Orion’s death. Hera dispatched the enormous scorpion with the mission of eliminating Orion, who had bragged that he was the best hunter in the world and would eliminate all of the wild […]

Sagittarius Constellation: the Archer


Constellation Sagittarius represents the archer seeking to revenge the killing of Orion the constellation of the hunter, by the enormous scorpion Scorpius. The archer’s arrow, Sagitta points towards the star Antares which depicts the heart of the scorpion, As Sagittarius pursues the scorpion across the southern sky. The Sagittarius constellation is flanked by Ophiuchus to […]

Gemini Constellation: Facts About Twins and How to Find Them

gemini stars

Gemini ConstellationAccording to Greek mythology, the constellation Gemini was born of the union of Leda and Hermes. Zeus, the Roman equivalent of Jupiter, conceived Pollux by seducing Leda while in the guise of a swan. After then, Pollux had the same immortality as his father. Cas tor, on the other hand, belonged to the mortal […]

Virgo Constellation: How to Find the Largest of 12 Zodiacs

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Virgo Constellation There are many different interpretations of the mythology around the constellation Virgo. She was known as Persephone and was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, kidnapped her and brought her down to Tartarus. Demeter’s grief over the death of her child caused her to prevent seeds from […]

Cancer Constellation: When and Where to Find it

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Cancer constellation is one of the faintest of all the visible constellations. Perhaps as a direct result of its inability to complete the mission. During the conflict between Hercules and the Hydra, the goddess Hera dispatched Cancer to assist the Hydra. Cancer the Crab was given the mission to assault Hercules, and he used his […]

Aquarius Constellation: Facts and Where to Find It

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Aquarius Constellation, The fact that the centaur contains so many things that may be seen from a backyard observatory is one of its most attractive features. The brightest globular cluster and the largest globular cluster in the Milky Way is NGC5139. Many the smallest telescopes may reveal stars, but larger scopes can reveal even more. […]

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: the Seagoat

capricorn, zodiac, sign

Capricorn Zodiac Sign The sea goat, which represents the zodiac sign Capricorn, came into existence when the god Pan from Greek mythology ran away to escape an assault on the gods. Pan was having trouble deciding which animal he should become while the Gods changed themselves into a variety of different animals in order to […]

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