Aboriginal Star Maps: Aboriginal Astronomy

aborignal astronomy

Aboriginal Star Maps, Aboriginal astronomy refers to the astronomical knowledge and practices of the Indigenous peoples of Australia, which were developed over thousands of years. Aboriginal astronomers used the positions of the stars, planets, and other celestial objects to create calendars, navigate the land and sea, and pass down stories and traditions. These practices continue […]

Mystery Galactic: Galaxy Without Dark Matter


Mystery Galactic Mystery Galactic Mystery Galactic In heralding a new era in cosmology, Norwegian Kristian Birkeland predicted that the universe will most likely include an unusual component known as dark matter. His remarks on the issue were included in an account of the Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition (1902-1903). Birkeland’s Expedition theories were published in 1913, […]

Astronomy Observing: How to Get Start Astronomy?


Don’t worry, I understand why you’re here. You want to understand all there is to know about astronomy, right? Then you’ve come to the correct place! In this portion of the website, I’ll suggest a few things to look out for when getting started with Astronomy Observing. Read this article as this might be helpful: […]

Taurus Constellation


Orion, the Hunter, has his sights set on a wide variety of prey, including the Taurus constellation. It is also symbolic of the white bull that King Minos of Crete used to impregnate his wife in order to produce the infamous Minotaur. As confirmation that Minos was indeed the legitimate successor to the kingdom, this […]

Stargazing Constellations for Beginners

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Observing the night sky and locating constellations using declination is not too difficult. On Earth, declination is comparable to the concept of latitude. If your location’s latitude is within around 80 degrees of the declination of a particular constellation, then you should be able to see that constellation at some point during the course of […]

Stars Constellations Listings in Alphabetical Order [2023]


Here’s the stars constellations list in alphabetical order. Andromeda, Antila(air pump), Apus(bird of paradise), Aquarius(water bearer), Aquila(eagle), Ara(altar), Aries(ram), Auriga(charioteer), Bootes(herdsman), Caelum(chisel), Camelopardalis(giraffe), Cancer(crab), Canes Venatici(hunting dogs), Canis Major(big dog), Canis Minor(little dog), Capricornus(sea goat), Carina(keel), Cassiopeia, Centaurus(centaur), Cepheus, Cetus(sea monster), Chamaeleon(chameleon), Circinus(compasses), Columba(dove), Coma Berenices(berenice’s hair), Corona Australis(southern crown), Corona Borealis(northern crown), Corvus(crow), Crater(cup), […]

Southern Cross Constellation – Guide to the South Celestial Pole

crux lines

The Crux Constellation, sometimes referred to as the Southern Cross Constellation, is the faintest of all 88 constellations. Observable predominantly in the northern hemisphere’s low latitudes and the southern hemisphere. Below a declination of -34 degrees, Crux is considered to be circumpolar (about 34 degrees South latitude). Crux is quite easy to spot since it […]

Constellation Pisces – the Celestial Seafood

pisces lines

The constellation Pisces is depicted as two fish that appear to be swimming away from each other in a crooked “V” form, but are actually tied to each other at the tail by a string. Aphrodite, also known as Venus, and her son Eros, also known as Cupid, are said to have transformed into fish […]

Pegasus Constellation – Where to Find the Flying Horse


Pegasus Constellation The constellation known as Pegasus is located rather low in the northern sky and can be seen all the way down into the southern hemisphere. It is unknown exactly where Pegasus came from, but Medusa is almost certainly involved in the process. Perseus was successful in slaying the Medusa and removing her head. […]

Perseus Constellation and the Myth Behind It


When you look at the constellation Perseus, keep in mind the hero from Greek mythology that the constellation represents. Perseus and his mother Danae were both placed inside of a large chest by his grandfather King Acrisius and then thrown into the ocean when Perseus was still a young child. Acrisius was informed by the […]

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