Constellation Pisces – the Celestial Seafood

The constellation Pisces is depicted as two fish that appear to be swimming away from each other in a crooked “V” form, but are actually tied to each other at the tail by a string.

Aphrodite, also known as Venus, and her son Eros, also known as Cupid, are said to have transformed into fish in order to escape Typhon’s attack on the gods, which, as you may recall, resulted in Pan being transformed into Capricornus, the Seagoat, who is now symbolised by the Capricorn zodiac sign. They did this by tying themselves together at the tails with a cord so that they would not become separated.

Stargazing Pisces Constellation

The spring equinox is now located in the constellation Pisces, which represents the fish. This is the point, which was formerly in the sign of Aries, at which the sun enters the northern hemisphere by crossing the celestial equator.

Pisces is a relatively dim constellation, which is unfortunate for anyone who wants to view it from their backyard.

Its brightest star has a magnitude of only 4, making it rather dim. In astronomy, magnitudes that are lower indicate more brightness. Therefore, a star with a magnitude of first is more brilliant or brighter than a star with a magnitude of second.

This faintly V-shaped constellation is home to only a handful of brilliant stars. One region worthy of mention is referred to as the Circlet of Pisces. This is the western fish, and it can be seen in the Pegasus constellation to the south of the Great Square of Pegasus. Gamma Piscium, with its magnitude of 3.7, is the brightest star in this region. Moving around the circle in a counterclockwise direction, we will arrive next at Theta.

Right Ascension: 1 hour

Declination: 15 degrees

Visible between latitudes 90 and -65 degrees

Best seen in November (at 9:00 PM)

Named Stars : Alrisha (Alpha Psc) Fum al Samakah (Beta Psc) Torcularis Septentrionalis (Omicron Psc).

Located between the Zodiac constellation Aquarius and the Aries constellation

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