Best Astrophotography Websites for “Amateur” Astrophotographers

What is an “Amateur” astrophotographer? To be categorized as anything other than “Amateur,” maybe one needs to have 101 clean photographs published in some globally renowned publication. An amateur astrophotographer is someone who does astrophotography with the equipment they have. Amateurs have caught some of the “best” photographs with little investment in equipment. An amateur astrophotographer is someone who likes the endless difficulties that this wonderful pastime presents. I proudly display my “Amateur” badge. Amateur Astrophotographer is a beautiful title and one that everyone can be proud of. Astrophotography is a very ardent pastime. Only other amateur astrophotographers, I feel, can completely grasp the difficulties and joys of this activity.

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An “Amateur” astrophotographer is someone who is attracted by the heavens above their head and wants to capture their beauty. The amateur astronomer gets dragged into the dark side of the pastime in a passionate chase of lunacy (astrophotography). Their lives will never be the same after being bitten. All “Amateur” astrophotographers have one trait: a great desire to “share” with the community the techniques and photographs they have earned throughout their celestial adventure. They are constantly eager to share their own experiences with others, offering hard-won lessons so that others may better grasp the procedures involved in obtaining beautiful photos, with the aim of getting that one flawless shot that makes all the hard effort seem minor. Each step toward gaining a new level of knowledge is a significant achievement.

The amateur astronomy community as a whole is a fantastic one, one that fascinates me every day, a highly varied mix of individuals. The breadth of expertise that the members bring to the table for debate constantly fascinates me. It needs perseverance and motivation to continue learning the nuances of astrophotography. It also needs a thorough grasp of how to get the most out of the equipment used. Astrophotography (AP) may be performed with a little investment; similarly, the sky is the limit in terms of how much one can spend in this pastime. The trick is to have fun while learning along the way. The one most difficult challenge, which is shared by everybody, is obtaining chances to picture owing to changes in weather or possibly because of job schedules and family responsibilities. I understand and share your aggravation with dealing with the weather gods; nevertheless, with great patience and trust, I can tell you that the next chance for clear skies will occur.

I’ve been busy over the last several months, and the weather hasn’t been cooperative for imaging time at the observatory. Here are some links to other amateur astrophotographer and astronomy-related websites that I often visit. I’ve been following several of these sites for a long time; some are new additions to the vast World Wide Web, while others are webpages owned by individuals I met via astrophotography-related forums.

Uncle Rod’s Astro Blog

uncle rod'sastro blog

Uncle Rod’s Astro Blog has been around for quite some time.  Uncle Rod Mollise is well known to all within the astronomy community, a wonderful and enduring blog full of a wealth of astronomy information valuable to all!

Mike’s Astronomy Page

mike's astronomy

Mike Wiles’s Astronomy Page is a great corner of the internet documenting Mike’s astronomical adventures.  Mike has only been imaging for a short period of time and has moved along at an outstanding pace, a great inspiration for myself and others. Mike does a great job documenting his progress along with writing about his Astro adventures, very informative and interesting articles!  An excellent resource for those exploring hyper star information and much more!  Mike has a very unique and passionate writing style, highly recommended!


TelescopeMan is home to TelescopeMan’s weekly audio and video podcasts discussing a variety of topics relevant to many disciplines found within astronomy, with great emphasis placed on beginner astronomers seeking advice in gear selection and much more.  TelescopeMan also includes content for avid Ham Radio enthusiasts!  To discover more about TelescopeMan be sure to read a short Interview found at DaltonSkyGazer!

Chuck’s Astrophotography Blog

Best Astrophotography Websites astrochuck

A recently added personal astrophotography blog featuring images and articles by Chuck Manges, once again someone who not too long ago hopped into astrophotography and is capturing some inspiring images! His recent 13-panel mosaic has just recently been featured in Astronomy Magazines Picture of the Day!

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