Are Aliens Real & Is There Life on Other Planets?

Most scientists think that life may exist on other planets and Aliens seems real to them.

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What scientists seek while looking for extraterrestrial life are stars that are comparable to our sun, planets that show indications of water, an atmosphere that includes oxygen or methane, and a planet that is neither too distant nor too near to its solar. Scientists think that water is a vital component of life, thus a planet with none cannot sustain life (at least not life as we know it) (at least not life as we know it).

There Life on Other Planets

In our solar system, the planet most comparable to ours is Mars, however, scientists have not uncovered evidence that life lives there, or that it ever did. There is evidence that water formerly existed on Mars, however, there does not seem to be any water on Mars now. The polar caps of Mars hold a lot of water ice, but the temperature at the poles is too low for the ice to melt. The daytime temperature at Mars’s equator is just over 60 °F (16°C), however, there is no ice or water at the equator, and the nighttime temperature is much below -200 °F (-129 °C). This implies that any life that forms during the day will most likely not survive the night. Scientists are currently looking at whether life ever existed on Mars.

Scientists are also examining if any of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moons, such as Jupiter’s moon Europa, are capable of harboring life. The planets Jupiter and Saturn alone surely don’t appear capable of hosting life.

The Drake Equation

Scientists sometimes use the Drake equation (created by Frank Drake) to determine the likelihood that additional technologically advanced species exist in the Universe.

N = R*fpneflfifcfL

  • R* = the number of stars similar to our sun present in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • fp = the number of sun-like stars in the Milky Way that have planets in orbit around them
  • ne = the number of planets that have conditions capable of supporting life
  • fl = the number of planets that actually have life
  • fi = the number of planets that have intelligent life capable of using technology
  • fc = the number of civilizations that have actually developed technology
  • fL = the length of time that civilization has been using technology and how long they will continue to do so

You may enter various integers into this equation to assess the possibility of additional technologically advanced life in the Universe. This equation, however, does not predict whether or not there is life, much alone intelligent life, anywhere else outside Earth. It merely forecasts whether or not there is a life that uses technology. For example, I would consider a dog or a cat to be intelligent life. They would, however, be unable to use technology.

Why is the Drake equation so focused on technologically advanced civilizations? Frank Drake and other scientists attempted to listen for radio signals emitted by extraterrestrial life forms.

For example, the SETI Institute listens to radio frequencies produced by alien civilizations. If there is life on another planet, but the inhabitants are not using radio technology, then scientists won’t find them using this method.

You can even participate in the SETI program. To do this go to SETI@home to sign up.

If you want to join and sign up, you will get a free screensaver and application to install on your own computer. This application downloads runs and analyzes data from a radio telescope using your Internet connection. After your computer has examined the data, it is delivered back to SETI@home.

Do We Really Want To Find Alien Life If It Exists?
Who you ask determines the answer to that question. If we discover another society capable of employing technology, it may be more sophisticated than we are. Making touch with them may or may not be a smart decision, depending on their temperament.

It’s also feasible that life on another planet is so unlike ours that we won’t identify it as life even if we do discover it.

Are Crop Circles Evidence of Alien Life?

Farmers sometimes discover big circular depressions in their fields where vegetation seems to have been knocked down by a massive object. Crop circles are what they’re called. Crop circles are often intricate, mathematically perfect geometric shapes that form swiftly – in one night or less.

There is much conjecture regarding how crop circles develop. According to one idea, they are man-made. Another hypothesis is that they are the result of extraterrestrial spacecraft landing on farmers’ fields. Another hypothesis is that aliens are attempting to communicate with humanity through the geometric patterns of crop circles.

Nobody knows for sure whether crop circles are created by aliens, but we do know that humans are capable of creating sophisticated crop circles.

Okay, so we now have confirmation that people can create crop circles. However, we don’t know whether ALL crop circles are created by people.

Because many crop circles are created by humans, all crop circles are sometimes dismissed as hoaxes. Crop circles, for example, have the following definition according to Miriam Webster:

a geometric, often circular, arrangement of flattened stalks in a grain field, currently mainly ascribed to natural causes or the work of hoaxers attempting to create the illusion of an alien visit

Even the dictionary definition states that none of them are genuine, nor are they created by natural occurrences. Is it certain that all crop circles are man-made? No, we don’t. We only know that many of them are man-made. The lack of proof that crop circles can be created by sources other than humans does not rule out the possibility.

What natural events might result in the development of crop circles? Wind and non-human animals have both been blamed for crop circle creation.

However, wind or non-human creatures are unlikely to create such intricate mathematically accurate geometric shapes across such a huge region. While it is true that most crop circles are man-made hoaxes, crop circle researchers, such as the BLT (Burke, Levengood & Talbot) Research Team believe that some crop circles are not man-made. 

Some crop circles, for example, exhibit no indication of human involvement, and variations inside the crop circles cannot be explained by humans breaking down the crops with boards.

The BLT research team collects samples from crop circles both within and outside of them. They identify biochemical and cellular changes in the plants that aren’t present outside of the circle in these “genuine” crop circles. There are also hormonal changes in crop circle participants that cannot be explained just by an increase in arousal.

Furthermore, there are frequent claims of sightings of luminous disc-shaped objects around crop circle formation sites.

If the prospect of aliens invading Earth sounds far-fetched, bear in mind that scientists think life may exist in other worlds. If life exists on other planets, it is possible that alien species with space travel capabilities will pay us a visit.

So why not? Earth is a beautiful world!

Is there any clear proof that crop circles are created by aliens?


All we know is that humans can create intricate crop circles. We have no solid proof that they are created by anything other than humans. However, a dearth of evidence does not prove that only humans create them. I realize it’s disappointing, but we don’t know whether all crop circles are caused by people or not.

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