About Us

A comprehensive handbook that is appropriate for amateur astronomers of all skill levels, from those who have never looked at the night sky with a telescope to those who have used one for years. We have high hopes that our contribution will be taken up, read, and appreciated by everyone!

  • We give information on where to locate the planets, as well as the finest galaxies and nebulae to study with your telescope. Additionally, we provide monthly guides to the constellations, meteor showers, and the Moon.
  • We provide responses to inquiries from those who are new to the hobby of stargazing as well as those who are interested in learning more about the universe in general. (Because the people who asked the questions come from a variety of different walks of life, the responses must inevitably presume a variety of different levels of prior knowledge. There is a question that seems to be more simpler in nature beside every one that is specific and involved. But there is one thing that is certain: the questions that seem to have the simplest solutions might in reality have the most complicated explanations.)

About Us

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Packed with everything you need to find your way around the night sky.


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